Sweet potato farms

Our sweet potato team work closely with Brendon Boon to grow high quality sweet potatoes. Our sweet potato farms are located in Queensland’s bountiful Bundaberg region – about four hours North of Brisbane. We plant sweet potatoes from September to April and harvest every week of the year – if it’s not too wet, that is.


The region’s fertile soil and warm, sun-drenched climate is just what’s needed to grow perfect sweet potatoes. We grow a variety of sweet potatoes including the traditional gold (Beauregard, 0652, New Orleans), red (Southern Star, Northern Star, Mirosake), hawaiian (white skin, purple flesh) and red garnet (red skin, red flesh).

Sweet Potato Team

We have a dedicated team in Bundaberg who make sure our sweet potato operations run smoothly. Brendon Boon leads the team and it's all hands on deck.

Our planting crew is run by Heather, who also takes care of all of the administration on farm, while our digger driver, Cassia, harvests the sweet potatoes with her team of 9.


Once the sweet potatoes have been harvested they make their way up to Zowie, our primary wash supervisor, who runs the primary wash with the help of 6 other staff member. It’s his job to ensure  all spuds go through the washing process, while also preparing and shipping bins into BPF, as well as carrying out all mechanical maintenance on the machinery.

Then there's Ian, he's a Jack of all trades and master of them all. Ian does anything from spraying, mechanical maintenance and breakdowns to fabrication on basic items. 

Our sweet potato team are one hard working crew and they love bringing you the freshest, tastiest sweet potato, year round.



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